Sunday, 30 December 2007

Champagne Powder

I went skiing today at Whitewater Ski Resort just outside of Nelson, BC and all I can say is wow (note: the picture is not me). Whitewater is known for it's powder but I've never skied anything like that before. I spent much of the day knee deep in beautifully light and fluffy powder. Around 2pm they finished avalanche blasting one of the further bowls and we headed out there finding waist deep powder.

Now I won't lie, I'm really not that great at skiing this sort of stuff. I've skied my entire life but I've generally stuck to more on-piste type runs. So when I say I was skiing in waste deep powder, that means with a few spills and ungraceful lines. I had to dig myself out of a hole deeper than I, dealt with cramps because I'm in pretty bad shape, and took a couple of nice spills. I'm sore, exhausted, but after taking face shots of champagne powder I couldn't care less and can only think of the next time I get to go up.

I hope to head up to either Red Mountain or Fernie next week as I've never been to those. However if the conditions are great we might go down to Schweitzer in Idaho, a mountain I visited a few years ago

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The first post

I suppose you have to start somewhere. Probably was not a good idea to post half an hour after I needed to go to bed however.