Saturday, 19 April 2008

Busy busy busy

Well, I'm apparently really terrible at keeping a blog up to date. I'll try harder, honest!

Work has been quite busy. I've been working 6 days a week, and have started going back at night to keep up. Luckily taxes are due on April 30th, so in less than two weeks I won't have to worry about it all anymore! The work itself is still pretty interesting - while a large chunk of what I do is repetitive, I still get to work on new types of files, and learning new things is always interesting. Admittedly, some of the work is pretty daunting and it can be hard to find the motivation to do it, especially considering I have very little formal training and no experience to fall back on. However like any puzzle, it's rewarding when it's done.

It looks like life is going to be quite busy for the foreseeable future, even after tax season is over. My classes start at Douglas College in Vancouver on May 5th, and sometime between when I leave Creston on the 2nd or 3rd I want to swing through Calgary to visit family and still make it back to Vancouver in time for school. To put the distances in context, Creston where I live right now, and Vancouver which I call home are about a 9 hour drive. Calgary is 6 hours away from Creston, in the wrong direction, and then it takes 10 hours to drive from Calgary to Vancouver (they're in a triangle). So even though I may have 2-3 days to make the trip, a large part of two of those days will be dedicated to driving.

Speaking of school, I'm excited to go back. It's been almost exactly a year since I finished my last semester, and the thought of all the schooling ahead of me just makes me want to get on with it. I do like learning new things, and after spending six months in a farm town getting back to college life (and college girls) will certainly be nice. The downer is that the car won't pay for itself, so upon returning home and getting school organized, I still need to find a job.

On July 19th my older brother is getting married which is pretty exciting. I know that between school, work, being the best man, and having to entertain a lot of family I don't know and don't particularly like might result in a heart attack, but for my brothers wedding I guess it'd be worth it. I suppose I should start writing my toast soon.

But of course with all the stressful stuff it's important to look forward to the fun things. After spending most of the winter cooped up in an office I'm really looking forward to sailing again. My dad bought a new boat last year, a 14 foot 420 class racing dingy. I only got to go out a couple times last year but while I sit in front of a computer all day I dream about getting to be outside in the sun and on the water. I'd also like to get out and try and take my truck places people wouldn't normally take a vehicle, but that depends on other people wanting to do the same with their vehicles, and more importantly money I probably shouldn't be spending on it.

The other thing that keeps me going through the stress is thinking about where I'd like to go for my next big trip. I still intend to spend around 3-4 months backpacking, starting in Australia, then heading to New Zealand, before heading over to South America and winding my way north until ideally I end up back home. If all goes to plan I'd like to do that trip in either the fall of 2009 or spring 2010.

Anyway, time to head to bed so I can get up early and head to work tomorrow (Saturday!).