Wednesday, 5 January 2011 is stupid

I'm a big hockey fan, but the NHL website pisses me off.  Being from Vancouver, I am a Canucks fan.  Currently the Canucks have won seven straight games and are first in the entire league with a game in hand.  The Sedin twins are two of the best players in the league and are ranked fourth and fifth in points.  Henrik is first in the league for assists, and Daniel is fourth in goals.  We have an amazing goaltending tandem, Kesler is having a career year and is arguably the best two way forward in the league, and in general, we just have great depth.

What does cover?  Today the headlines are that the Stars won their sixth straight road game.  Who cares? They still suck.  They point out the Rangers beat the Hurricanes.  Again, who cares, both are mediocre teams.  Once again, they mention that Pitsburg won their game.  It seems that every single day, the front page of the site is splattered with news of Crosby, Ovechkin, the Penguins, or the Capitals.  There are more teams in the league, and while Crosby is playing exceptionally hot right now, they are not the best teams in the league.

As a Canucks fan it is annoying that the Canucks, the hottest and best team in the league right now, are ignored for boring eastern teams.  To me, it seems to be the same business philosophy that makes the league keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, despite the fact that nobody in Phoenix seems to care in any way about hockey.  It's annoying and aggravating. Give attention to the players and teams that deserve it.

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